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No to the BNP!

The far-right, racist British National Party (BNP) claims that it is on the side of working people.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The BNP is a racist party that lays the blame for the problems local communities face – poor housing, privatisation and council service cuts – at the door of ethnic minorities and asylum seekers.

This is easy for the BNP, after all, the government and the tabloid press use the same kind of propaganda.

The leader of the BNP has called Blunkett his "best recruiting sergeant".

Whipping up racism 

By whipping up racism the BNP diverts blame from the real culprits for the problems of working-class communities – big business, the government and local councils.

And when the BNP has been elected it has done nothing to fight for the local people it claims to represent.

In Burnley, the BNP councillors didn’t even turn up to the council meeting where council tax rises and £1 million worth of cuts were voted through.

In Stoke, BNP councillors voted in favour of a dramatic rise in council tax equal to almost double inflation.

Opposes the right of workers to take strike action

The BNP even opposes the right of workers to take strike action and so condemned the firefighters’ strike in 2002.

It is not enough for anti-racists just to condemn the BNP's record of racism, prejudice and hatred.

We need to offer a clear socialist alternative based on working class unity.

New Labour's Tory policies of cuts and privatisation boost support for the BNP whilst the government’s attacks on the right to asylum for refugees fleeing torture, repression and war help make the BNP look more legitimate and respectable.

The campaign to stop the BNP must expose its real agenda but more importantly offer a positive alternative including mass community and trade union campaigns to improve council services, stop cuts and privatisation and prepare the way for a new mass workers’ party to genuinely represent working people.

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No to the BNP!

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