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Socialism in the 21st Century

Socialism in the 21st Century

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Manifesto for Socialism

Manifesto for SocialismNo more...

Cuts, Closures And Privatisation

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The Socialist Party's 2001 manifesto was produced as a booklet. It remains an excellent introduction to the Socialist Party's policy and programme.
As the world changes our policies are always being updated. Click here to go to the Socialist Party Manifesto currently online (opens in new window)

Seven years ago, when New Labour was elected, there was widespread hope that working-class people's lives would improve.

After 18 years of Tory privatisation, cuts and job losses, New Labour was expected to be different. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

New Labour, like the old Tories before, consistently takes measures that make life harder for working people.


For a socialist alternative

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But it doesn’t have to be this way…We do not have to accept the meagre lot currently on offer...Big business...

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